The Jewish Rowing Team.

Yeshiva University decided to field a rowing team. Unfortunately, they lose race after race. Even though they practice and practice for hours everyday, they never manage to come in any better than dead last.

Finally, the team decides to send Morris Fishbein, its captain, to spy on Harvard, the perennial championship team.

So Morris schlepps off to Cambridge and hides in the bushes next to the Charles River, where he carefully watches the Harvard team at its daily practices. After a week, Morris returns to Yeshiva.

“Well, I figured out their secret”, he announces.

“What? Tell us! Tell us!” his teammates shout.

“We should have only one guy yelling. The other eight should row.”

Stolen from here. Where you should visit every day.

4 Responses to The Jewish Rowing Team.

  1. ZenTiger says:

    Sounds like the Labour Party.

    All planning policy, barely one working.

    So that explains why we are up the creek without a paddle.

  2. krm says:

    ZenTiger – They are probably just waiting for the new Green-certified sustainable material padles to come in. No matter that the canoe will go over the waterfall before the new paddles arrive.

  3. Murray says:

    They have a paddle.

    DB-P is using it, or rather he has someone using it on him.

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