According to the management…

our top posts are;

Free Ballista Plans! – Revisited., 6,378 views Which in itself is more hits than a lot of sites get.

Free Ballista Plans?, 3,901 views – See it pays to revist these things. Except Brideshead, that could have done with seriously being ignorred and not gone back to.

Catapult Plans & Kit #2, 2,027 views – I sense a… theme of some kind… Maybe someone should make a site for things like this. that way i’d be able to swear on my own site without worrying about the under 15 crowd getting all bitter and twisted because they can’t get me to do their homework for them.

It would look something like this.

And look theres a free plan as well. Feel free to use the paypal button. Yeah right, the last 100 of you how downloaded the free plan just took and ran, I know ALL your IP addresses too!


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