To address some factual errors in Cameron Brewers press release:

“Instead of hiding behind his Commodore 64

No actually its a pretty state of the art machine. You’re smearing a mans computer? Is there a system of maths able to measure of sad you are?

and tapping away in his lowly-lit far East Auckland bedroom

Actaully a south facing, yet well light office, what are you a stalker?

every night

He takes time of when dickheads are on a break… so yeah almost every night, fair call.

in his dressing gown,

If by “dressing gown” you mean “clothes” then ok busted. Seriously what are you on?

I challenge Whaleoil


to publish his hourly

Dude seriously even other stupid people are looking at you sideways now.

musings on paper

Computer age, look into it. Also Commadore 64??? 21st century guy, look it up it was in all the papers and we’re all very excited about it.

and subject himself to the country’s defamation laws and public scrutiny.

get.a.lawyer This snide insuation and excessive use of sneer quotes wont change the fact Wheleoil has published his personal detail both publicly and frequently and blogs are not imune to prosecution. You think you got a case against him then pony up and stop being a whiny assed lying little bitch.

Or even better still why not put his opinions out to the news media every day and see what pick up he gets.

He puts his opinion in the public forum “hourly” according to you. Which way are you going to slice this cake and eat it too? Its called blogging and its pissing all over the leftist dominated dead tree media. Why the hell would he want to play you on your home patch? Get out of the paddling pool and join us in the shark tank if you think you’ve got it takes. You don’t by the way.

We know he can supply his opinions but let’s see if there’s any real public demand for his highly self-regarded pearls of wisdom.”

We call them “site counters”. Thats a 21st century pop culture reference. Sorry about that.

You might like to try a fabric “unbuncher” next time you’re doing your smalls.

My god what a sad little tosser. I’d go over his entire nappy renting spit but I have better things to do. Scratch my ass for example. Read it yourself and theres more here.

Hey Cameron, you wanted out attention, now you have it.


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