Whats right with the western world.

A one-legged Royal Navy veteran he rescued his neighbour from being harassed by two men.  Stephen Beerling, 52, dialled 999 and raced to help the women and her baby after hearing screams during the night.

‘But I wouldn’t think twice about stepping in to help people again. I could not have stood by and let it go.

‘The most important thing for right-thinking people is to stand up to criminals who blight our society.’

Whats wrong with it.

But he was arrested when officers spotted a retractable truncheon he had picked up in case he had to protect himself.

Mr Beerling, a Liberal Democrat councillor, was arrested, locked up for 12 hours and charged with possessing an offensive weapon.

 We’re are really pissing evolution off with this crap people. Natural selction will not be denied. Witness that for every hero we have there are 4 PC wankers about to bring him down. And they’re all working for a government on some level.


One Response to Whats right with the western world.

  1. krm says:

    It appears to me that this was very clearly a “defensive weapon” in play here. And used very laudably too.

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