Monday morning blood boiler.

Ok for the sake of accurately teaching kids ANYTHING this video alone shows why someone needs to sponsor my catapulting activites.

Lets us fisk as we go shall we.

Presenter: This is a trebuchet…

Outtraged Catapulter: No, thats a manganol or onager.

Presenter: This was as good as it got in the middle ages.

Outraged Catapulter: Mmm no, the onager was gone about 800s before then.

Presenter: Its really basic tecnology…

Outraged Catapulter: No, actuallly theres some really advanced physics involving some very precise maths and if you get it wrong you have a really lame toy.

Presenter: Three, two….

Outraged Catapulter: BBDA ASSHOLE Get the hell out from behind that machine! You do not fire a catapult from directly behind it. Thats where the shot go in the event of a failure.

Presenter: [Throws lameassed shot- see above re:  lame toy] Well clearly thats pants, but theres been some advances in science and technology since the middle ages…

Outraged Catapulter: No there hasn’t. Some materials have improved. But no one has chnaged the laws of physics dickless.

The rest of this bullshit presentation is on how to make some very dangerous devices that will be favoured by “disaffected yoof” in the near future.

Of course they wont be able to hit shit and have a MER of 60 meters while I can take out a chosen man at 150 with a ballista that can punch a hole though stuff that a modern compound bow can’t get through. This isn’t boasting this is the results of field testing. Something “brianiac” might like to give some thought to. Must be a BBC production, all yak no substance and bending kids brains with bullshit.

Just out of interest chucky throws three times further than their light fluid cannon.


2 Responses to Monday morning blood boiler.

  1. krm says:

    Well, all of your points are well taken. The guy truely a tosser.

    On the other hand, it was at least a taste of the fun stuff (factually and intellectually deficient though it was) and those so inclined might be inspired to follow down the path of properly educating themselves in the area. As oposed to another Jackass styled bit of flatulance themed utter idiocy.

  2. Murray says:

    Sorry Ken but no. A very simple no.

    You can have “fun” without being utterly wrong. 3 minutes on the interweb would have corrected almosteverything he got wrong. You cannot underestimate the impact that programs like this have. Kids remeber the first thing they’re told and if this is the standard of accuracy they’re screwed.

    The only thing worse would be learning american History from Walt Disney.

    They are not inspired to learn, they’re inspired to be WRONG. And thats bloody dangerous on several levels.

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