Miss Clark we’ll see you in the office please.

Bring the contents of your desk.

Having utterly forgotten who the hell you work for and continuing to drive your socialist agenda inspite of us making it very clear we disapprove of your direction we have regretably reachinga point when your continued employment with the firm of New Zealand in the position of Prime Minsiter is no longer tenable. The directors of New Zealand now require you to cease and disist all socialist agenda driven activites prior to being escorted from the building.

If you thought the blame the victim mentality was just a prniciple of then left then get your head around the concept that 5 toerags go and rob a shop and muder the owner in cold blood has led to Helen Clark – our most over highly paid servant – ¬†announcing that she is ordering a “crack down”.

On bottle stores.

Seriously, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.


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