Barack – no sense of international political boundries – Obama

Do we really want the man in direct command of the worlds powerful military and making US foriegn policy decisions to have THIS sort of knowledge about the Middle East?

Addressing a pro-Israel lobby group this month, the Democratic White House hopeful said: “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”

Oooo kay.

Hey Obama, where’s New Zealand? No you can’t use an atlas and hint: You CAN’T actaulyl dance here from “Old Zeeland” in spite of what you may have seen of Scrubs. Not without water wings anyway.

And you people deride Bushs intelligence?

Your bonus question is what is the captial of New Zealand – you will get no marks for saying about a buck eighty five either. Cullens already pissed that away on a toy train set.


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