There was no rape.

No complaint, no rape, no case. Why is there an investigation to a non-event? Don’t you guys have cars to ticket, Labout MP’s to not charge with crimes or something else to do?

Either this girl makes a complaint or the matter ends and the cops end what can only be described a sepculative fishing expedition.

From what has emerged so far it looks like a groupie got drunk and fucked some rugby players, all at once in fact. Its a daily event. Naturally that story wouldn’t have made her boyfriend happy and he went and dripped on the cops.. but skipped the minor, yet essential detail, of actually having her making a complaint.


It is understood the woman’s boyfriend made a complaint to police, angry at the fact she didn’t return home that night.

Said a Hilton staffer: “Yeah he was pissed that she didn’t come home so went to the cops.”

If thats not what happened then she really needs to pony up instead of just making allegations.

Next time you party hard, break up with your boyfriend first. And don’t come back in twenty years time saying that yer you had taken part freely at the time but in retrospect you feel you were taken advantage of.

There’s some serious justice issues in this country and more a few stupid bloody slappers with idiot loser boyfriends by the look of it. None of the players in this little tale come out looking good really do they.


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