They can’t all be “absent minded”

Someone explain to me why an institue of higher learning packed to the gills with our aledged “intelectual elite” and thinkers of tomorow is not one of these brains trusts able to operate the bloody flush button of a toilet????

No wonder the country is so rooted after keeping so many teachers in the drivers seat for so long.


3 Responses to They can’t all be “absent minded”

  1. Richard says:

    Greeting to Murray of the Shire from England… Enjoyed your hosting of Shire Network News – especially the off-script stuff!
    On the great secular religion of the age, have you read/listened to Phillip Stott? He’s one of the best on debunking this rubbish.
    And yes, I’ve thought Helen Clark was an idiot since she cancelled the purchase of the F-18s all those years ago. Airforce? You mean they have a use?

  2. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Elitisim presumes that someone else cleans up the shit, just practicing for their real world-not ours.

  3. Murray says:

    I suspect they’re just not able to carry elementary bodily functions without mummy to wipe their precious little backsides.

    Keep in mind my knowledge is limited to the male portion of the student population.

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