Lets rock.

A former Zimbabwean High Court judge says a United Nations armed force is the only option left to bring down Robert Mugabe and restore democratic rights in the troubled nation.

You heard the man. Time to go clean up.

Of course in recognition of this coutries new begining and a return to its former prosperity it could really use a new name. How about…. Rhodesia. That works, or at least it was working when thats what it was.


4 Responses to Lets rock.

  1. When has there ever been a “UN armed force” that was genuinely willing to fight, which wasn’t led by, and primarily made up of, American troops?

  2. Murray says:

    1914- 1918 & 1939 – late 1941. We called it the Commonwealth.

    Thanks for joining us :o)

  3. That wasn’t the “United Nations”. The UN was founded in 1945.

    The only times I’m aware of that “UN” forces really were willing to engage in combat were Korea and Operation Desert Storm.

  4. ZenTiger says:

    Yes, please keep the UN out of it. They are absolutely hopeless.

    Send them in under the British Flag, and rally the Commonwealth. They owe Mugabe.

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