Lessons in history for Labour

John key says New Zealand was formed peacefully without a civil war. True in the context of pre-land wars formation of New Zealand. Native and settler relations and by and large been of mutual benefit where settlers had things that Maori could use like metal and muskets. Maori had things the settlers wanted, sex.

Maori didn’t piss the settlers off because they’d lose access to the goods, settlers didn’t piss Maori off because they’d kill and eat them.

A sort of Victorian era mutually assured destruction so no one rocked the boat too often. [cough]burning of the Boyd[cough]

But Labour have whiningly jumped all over this scoffing and sneering – which is really hard to diferentiate from their every day speech these days – and accused Key of being in need of a history lesson and his ignorance makes him “unfit” to lead a government.


From head sneer merchant Doc Sullen: New Zealand is ” “a country with a continuous political tradition unbroken by civil war or revolution for over 150 years – something a bare handful of countries can celebrate”.

And from our own Gov General: the Treaty was signed with “no shots fired in anger and no occupying armed force or an army waiting to invade” and said there were few other countries “where such monumental change has occurred without a shot being fired”.

So having Key paraphrase this government position makes him ignorant and unfit?

As far as I’m concerned New Zealand was “formed” more or less peacefully but then went right into a series of the most bloody and protracted civil wars ever seen.

You are ALL revsionist denial monkeys and equally unfit to be employed by the people of New Zealand. Cullen you’re the worst, this is history and that IS your area of aledged expertise.

Untill such time as the New Zealand Wars are taught- ACURATELY – and without bias we have no chance of ever understanding the reality of who we are and how we got here. This we’re all just innocent little forest pixies crap pisses me off and its coming from all of you.

Labour: FAIL Denialism

Key: FAIL Following in the footsteps of failed denialism.

GG: FAIL Labours bitch boy

Labour, learn some history because its what you’re going to be soon enough.

Key, grow a pair or keep following Labour. Right into the history books.

GG. Bye bye. 


3 Responses to Lessons in history for Labour

  1. Well, we Americans haven’t quite managed 150 years, but it’s been 140 since our last revolution or civil war. (Of course, when we had our civil war, it was a doozy.)

  2. Murray says:

    Ours was 27 years long and we’re still trying to sort it out.

    BTW we beat you at inventing modern trench warfare by 20 years.

  3. Oh? (The siege of Petersburg?)

    There are a surprising number of ways in which the American Civil War presaged WWI. The Civil War was the first real industrial war, a war largely won through attrition. It was the first war fought using telecommunications, so that central command had current information about all parts of the war. It was the first war where the railroad was strategically important. It was the first war where powered machinery was used tactically on land. (At Petersburg there was a railroad built beind Union lines which the Union used to move troops and supplies around.) It was the first war where machine guns were used. The world’s first really modern warship (USS Monitor) appears in the Civil War. (Monitor had a metal hull, no sails, and its main battery was in a rotating armored turret.)

    Obviously, in the next 40 years a lot changed. But seeds of a lot of what happened in WWI were laid in the American Civil War. It didn’t run any 27 years, but in those 4 years more American soldiers died than in all our other wars combined.

    (None of which has anything to do with me; my ancestors all arrived here later.)

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