Some only have this type in fact.

July 31, 2008


Thank god

July 31, 2008

There are still kids willing to blow shit up in their parents garage.

There’s hope for the country yet.

Lying wanker.

July 31, 2008

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Gosh its so exciting, my first Cuil search visitor!

July 30, 2008

My reputation for culture and critical political analysis has really gotten me up there! Not.

T&A people, its all about T&A.

If you llive here:

July 30, 2008

And you left it outside last night, its not there anymore.

Have taken to higher ground, things blowing past windows (sheep and smaller students), lights filckering, broadband may be steaping outside for a moment… it may be some time.

Labour taking an interest in sport now?

July 28, 2008

“Lions” of Islam 10 – Christians NIL

July 28, 2008


ALMOST a third of British
Muslim students believe killing in the name of Islam can be justified, according to a poll.

The study also found that two in five Muslims at university support the incorporation of Islamic sharia codes into British law.

Solution. Round up the Christians.

I was due to attend Greyfriars Police station today to answer bail regarding my arrest on ‘suspicion of stirring up racial hatred’ through written material on this blog.

Such iniquities can not long stand.