And look who’s on the ground floor of this little idea.

People Turning to Medieval Technologies to Save on Gas

The members of the TTCA operate over one hundred trebuchets and catapults around the Albany area. Members pay a small fee to maintain the trebuchets, then they can use the network to travel anywhere the trebuchets launch to.

Christian Rega uses the network to fling himself to work and back saving over $100 a week on gas.I save money; I’m helping break America’s addiction to oil and defying death every day. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Thats right, I’m eco-frendly. Someone tell the Greens they need to start talking to me about the future or transport in New Zealand. i’d be happy to provide them with a fre launch each so they can gauge its effect.

ZERO carbon footprint, you KNOW you want it. (We do have something of a “splat” footprint but apprently thats not causing global warming, global cooling, Gorebull weather, whatever they’re calling it this week.)


2 Responses to And look who’s on the ground floor of this little idea.

  1. ZenTiger says:

    It always seems so obvious in hindsight.

  2. Murray says:

    Hey I’ve always stood behind the concept of flinging Green Party members.

    I hear Wussle Noman is up for all kinds of new thrashings this week.

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