Yeah they just can’t keep their hand off it. Its a socialist mental problem that they can’t stop doing what their dogma drives them to do. The National Socialist diverted rolling stock to keep sending people to the gas chambers and the New Zealand socialists keep raising taxes while their support is down to three paid bloggers and Heather Simpson.

First even though its already taxed like theres no tomorrow theres alcohol;

Winegrowers say the government’s decision to set a higher excise tax could put some smaller producers of fortified wines out of business.

Legislation passed this week to increase the tax on light spirits – aimed at discouraging young people from drinking too much – also increases the price of fortified wines such as ports and sherries.

Because those damn 18 year olds just can’t stop knocking back the sherry and port. You idiots.

Then we have the dirtiest move of all.

The Road Transport Forum says Transport Minsiter Annette King put the fees up without warning on Tuesday, despite promising last year to provide a month’s notice.

King you are dishonest and your word is meaningless. As one of your employers I have to tell that your services are no longer required. BTW as you clean out your desk tell us why you lied and raised the tax without warning.

Ms King says operators had three days’ notice of a rise in 2007, and used it to bulk-buy charges at the old rate.

Yeah… ok you’re not fired, you’re fired A LOT. You intentionally caused as much financial hardship as possible to truck operators. We actually need a new system of measurement to define the degree to which you are fired.

Don’t clean your desk, just get out… SECURITY!!!!


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