More Beehive sockpuppetry?

As we all know support for the truckers who were screwed over by a lying Annette King is massive. What was planned to be a thousand trucks in Auckland turned into an estimated 4,500 and other centres have likewise been paralysed in what is turning into more of a spontaneous day of national protest against a failed socialist government of breath taking arrogance.

But it’s worse than that. We already know that the Labour Party is paying people to pretend to be independent bloggers and to troll David Farrars site – hosting them on you server seems a little bloody stupid really doesn’t it?.

The “spontaneous” leaking (pronounced: direct marketing) to MSM outlets of anti-Key videos being none of Helens work doesn’t fool Ralph Wiggen. I have no doubt she “didn’t know about the video” because she wound up her minion to do the dirty work so she can play plausible deniability. This falls right into her pattern of media manipulation by producing the line that got a police commissioner fired so she could plant her stooge in the job.

Helen Clark has recently confirmed she plans to manipulate public opinion like a sleazy vacuum cleaner salesman with push polls and is utter denial about her walking dead standings in the actual polls.

But now we have crossed into new territory. Once again a Labour Party minister has shit on kiwis and there’s fallout. But they have no interest in dealing with the consequences of their actions and the gates of Parliament have been locked. OUR parliament, NOT Helen Clarks. She and her ministers work for us, whether we voted for them or not they are our servants not the other way round. So when we get pissed off and wee rock up to talk to them they better damn well leave the door open.

But wait there’s more.

The gates at Parliament had been closed and a number of anti-truck posters were pasted up around the complex in on trees and lamp posts.

They bear the words: “Let me on, I want a free-ride too.”

Ok you get that, having the minister promise a warning of additional tax hikes means nothing but if you complain about being hammered with even more costs and overnight stealth taxes you’re a free loader!

These posters were spontaneously produced and pasted up by some random person overnight? BEEB BEEB BEEB BEEB BEEB I’m sorry my bullshit alarm is having a freak out. Interestingly the boys at the labour party hosted strandard have been making the same claim. Late night was it boys? Don’t eat the glue guys… oh wait, too late.

This line looks a the production of a late night leftist “focus group” of arrogant pricks who think people have no right to their own money. Does that ring any bells? I don’t know about you but I am utterly sick of this crap. We’re one step away from Helen Clark saying she doesn’t believe in the election result so she’ll just stay on and legitimise it with retroactive legislation.

Get me a 113, I’ll open the damn gates.

There’s a stench in Wellington and its coming from the 9th floor. Time to take out the trash.


6 Responses to More Beehive sockpuppetry?

  1. Mike says:

    Those posters were spot on. Tell me why I should be paying for trucks to pound the roads on EnZed.

  2. Old Fat Sailor says:

    And I used to think French politics could be entertaining….

  3. Veeshir says:

    Funniest end of civilization ever.

  4. scroll says:

    The amount of anti-truck protest garbage spilling forth from the left wing trolls is disgusting. Basically if you disagree with them these days you are part of the VRWC and in league with the National party – hilarious.
    Yes, M113 sounds rather good. Heh.

  5. exocet says:

    You don’t have to mike, the trucks already pay their own way. But don’t left facts get in the way of your 9th floor fabricated smear.

  6. Murray says:

    On yer exocet, I couldn;t even be arsed crapping on the idiot. If they’re stupid enough to go baa and follow along dear leaders party line theres no point in trying to save them.

    Hey mike how many million dollars were thrown at the “arts” community last year and how many boxes of weetbix did the “arts” community deliver?

    Fucking meataxe.

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