By the way shes 11.

Anyone else not particularly comfortable with this?

5 Responses to Pretty?

  1. There did seem to be something that was off-putting about her, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

  2. blaez says:

    i see girls like her every day walking around in clothes and make up too grown up for them… the parents don’t do anything about it which makes it worse. most like this mother encourage it.

    its discusting. thier children not sex icons.

  3. Veeshir says:

    Look at the pics in the article, it’s all about mom getting her picture taken.

    She’s as happy as happy can be in those pics with her daughter.

  4. krm says:

    She is sort of pretty (which disturbs me quite a bit), but I think she’d look better without all the crap and she should be allowed to wait until 18 to look all gussied up that way (if she wants to then).

    Mom wants her to be “famous” eh? And why not? Look how well that has worked out for all those other girls (Spears comes imediately to mind – funny how no real good results come to mind).

  5. wien1938 says:

    Um… This is a bit too close to child pornography for my liking.

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