Labour unveils 2008 pledge card!

Well no real surprises, it is the mainstay of their campaign which we fund for them after all.

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5 Responses to Labour unveils 2008 pledge card!

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  2. bwhitehead says:

    Well Done, summs it up nicely..

  3. Roger Mellie says:

    Excellent effort sir..

  4. ZenTiger says:

    Very wise to limit it to only seven items. I don’t think they are capable of achieving more than 7, and people are liable to forget what Labour are on about anyway. Keep it simple, on message and above all, rise above the dirt.

    Voters will appreciate Helen’s integrity and deep sense of fair play by sticking to policy. Whilst number 6 is perhaps a little personal, we must remember that it is more than likely Helen will not personally indulge in any direct mud slinging. No, the closest she will come is “I heard it on good authority that….”

    The fact she is the only authority is besides the point really. No, I predict pledge one will be entrusted to Mallard. Pledge to a joint piece by Tapu Misa and Nicky Hager, pledge three to Andrew Little, pledge four to a nameless spokesman in the UN or an academic from University (where is Maharey BTW), pledge 5 to a rising star in the public service. Pledge 7 to a falling star in the public service (well, they will be afterwards, but, hey, collateral damage and all that)

    But enough of all that – good stuff that Labour are finally getting the electioneering underway. Maybe we’ll see an early polling day called?

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