Three volunteers wanted.

I’ve gone to the trouble of designed a simple ball throwing ballista but being both poor and busy I need someone else to test the design.

So if you’re interested in doing some design testing and throwing of golf and/or tennis balls without being a complete idiot in a public place then email me and I’ll forward you the plans.

You will need some 4X2, some 20mm (1″) plank, some mild steel sheet (just a smallish amount for the trigger mechanism) basic power tools (a bench saw and drill press would be handy) and of couse the will to get the work done and some decent pictures taken of the process.

You will get the plans and operation/construction advice in exchange for this you agree not to copy the plans and post them all over the internet.

Email me here.

People who have previously left abusive or obscene comments because I haven’t gien them something for nothing need not apply.


2 Responses to Three volunteers wanted.

  1. adron mullins says:

    i want to build this but your email link is not properly installed so will you post it with a comment

  2. Murray says:

    Sent you an email.

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