Musical survey time.

Ok what bit of music should be used for a montage of various siege artillery smashing the puss out stuff?

The nominations are:

O Fortuna –  Carl Orff, bucket head with a thing a poetry about the moon.

1815 –  Pete Tchaikovsky, Rooski heavy metalist.

Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix the former (rather crap) paratrooper and classical musician.

Murder Incorporated – Bruce Springstien the idiot who is responsible for Coutenay Cox’s “discovery”. Thanks dude.

Song 2 – Blur. Because.

Add your nominations and/or thoughts if you have any in the comments.


6 Responses to Musical survey time.

  1. The first piece from Carmina Burana is definitely the right choice.

  2. Murray says:

    Yeah thats what I said but everyone else thinks their opinion should count for something too.

  3. Ford Anglia says:

    Depending on the imagery being shown and the effect desired, how about

    Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
    People who Died – Jim Carroll Band
    When the Man comes around – Johnny Cash
    Hammer to Fall – Queen
    Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood & the Delaware Destroyers
    One fine Day – The Offsrping
    Send me on my way – Rusted Root
    Tally Ho! – The Clean
    We’re not going to take it – Twisted Sister
    Jump – Van Halen
    633 Squadron Main Theme – Ron Goodwin
    Mars God of War – Gustav Holst (Planets Symphony)
    Sabre Dance – Aram Khachaturian
    Adagio from Spartacus – Aram Khachaturian
    Montagues and Capulets – Sergei Prokofiev
    William Tell Overture – Gioachino Rossini
    Ride of the Valkyries – Wilhelm Richard Wagner

    Can also suggest where you get the music from if required.


  4. Murray says:

    Wherever I can get it royalty free.

  5. Ford Anglia says:

    Not familiar with NZ copyright or fair-use laws.
    Why do you require the music to be royalty free out of interest?
    Will the audio be used for commercial gain or profit?


  6. DSD says:

    Agree on O Fortuna. And with Holst’s Mars, though it does meander a tiny bit.

    I’d go the Metal route myself, what with bein a metalhead and all. Depending on how long you need the piece to be, try Cathedral’s ‘Ride’ – lots of stop-start moments for maximum effect every time you have a screen impact.

    Also pretty much anything by Bolt Thrower…very martial metal.

    If you want to go that route email me, i am absolutely convinced I can come up with something suitable and obscure enough that there are unlikely to be fair use/copyright issues.

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