New Award.

There are three types of people in this world. Sheep – most people are sheep. Wolves – these are a people with a capacity for violence and no love for their fellow man and will seek to harm and exploit them. finally there are sheepdogs. The people with a capacity for putting themselves in harms way to protect the sheep. The sheep of course have identified the problem as being teeth and claws.

The wolves are too much trouble to deal with and they are scarey but the sheepdogs seem to have similar characteristics as the wolves so the sheep have voted to outlaw the sheepdogs.

fortunately for them the sheepdogs work on instinct and will protect the wooly idiots when the need arsies anyway. Of course this usually leaves them in a certain ammount of shit instead of the praise and thanks of the flock.

Consequently the sheep can just flock off as far as I’m concerned and I’m going to acknowledge the sheepdogs when they appear as being one of the finest products of human civilisation.

Todays recipient is James Wilson who wound up going through the windscreen of a car after he saw it going round the corner of his street sideways. James Wilson is now being prosectuted and faces jail for confronting the two assholes who presented a danger to his community. He did a pretty crap job of it but he got out there and thats more than anyone else did.


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