Ok bullshit threashold has been reached and passed.

The highlights:

Man faces jail after confronting boy racers

The boy racers meanwhile a whinging like the pair of lame ass bitches they are.

Father-of-one James Wilson, 36, is facing serious charges after approaching two young men in a car that went “sideways” around a corner near his home. After challenging the occupants of the car, Mr Wilson ended up on the bonnet and going through the windscreen.

Oh yeah he needs to be jailed alright.

Inspector Derek Erasmus, head of Canterbury’s traffic policing, strongly discouraged people from taking the law into their own hands.

Then do your fucking job Derek! Seriously, WE pay you, you work for US, not Michael Cullen and his taxation fund. Get off your fucking asses and protect us or we WILL do it ourselves.

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with current events Derek but you guys have been toeing the Labour party line that crime is at an all time low and your numbers are fine. So you have no excuse for the growing number of people who have taken action to defend themselves and thehir comminities while you guys are standing back until its “safe”.

Send this week pay packet to James Wilson Derek, he’s done your job for you.


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