We broke phools brain.

Such as it is.

Both Phil and Redbaiter have broken the 100 demerit barrier, so both have a week’s break from commenting. It was in fact Redbaiter’s first demerits in several months I think, but he had a lot accumulated from ages ago.

Things would go easier if people did keep the vitriol down against Phil U. Yes it is legitimate to point out he is able bodied and choosing to be on the DPB, when he could work. And yes he posts in an aggravating style. But one can have robust debate without attacking his fitness as a father, which will inevitably lead to derailing the thread into a flamewar.

For his part, Phil could reduce the level of patronising he does to others, and going off topic constantly.

Sorry goose, its time to buzz the tower. He deserves everything he gets and more. We’re suposed to be impressed that he writes 25 “stories” for his crapweasle blog while hes aledgedly caring for his offspring on our dime? I don’t think so Tim.

Keep calling a parasite a parasite and eventually even extreme drug abuse wont protect him from getting the message and will result in his tiny little brain from going [POP]

..i hope/wish this current economic unravelling blows away/destroys your ‘world..

..that your/any marriage blows up in the nastiest way..for you..

..and that you are left..with no income/ pick up the mess..

..i hope/wish..that later in life..everthing turns to absolute shit for you.. need to learn some fucken

.ytou arrogant/ignorant piece of shite/wanker..!



A nasty hate filled bit of leftist trash gets a time out… damn its like a mini-election night.


One Response to Cool!

  1. barnsleybill says:

    he has been forced to comment on winston peter’s blog Just about sucks his cock and then slips in a link to his own blog.. how the troll must ache.

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