Speaking of anniversaries…

the statute of limitations has passed and I am now ready to reveal that in relation to the removal of a 105 Howitzer from the Burnham Camp gun park one rainy winters night by the aledged “Camp Patrol”….

that I have no clear recollection of any such event sir!. To the best of my knowledge no such event ever took place.

I’m old, not stupid.

BTW you dropshorts might want to make sure you lock up that garage in future. Just saying.


15 Responses to Speaking of anniversaries…

  1. krm says:

    The word “removel” sounds so … negative … with hints of disapproving nuace, sort of like other bad words, like “theft” or “steal”. I very much prefer the term “liberation”.

    Try it. …”in relation to the liberation of a 105 Howitzer from the Burnham Camp gun park” …. Now, isn’t that much better?

  2. Murray says:

    All good points but as I mentioned no such incident ever took place so hardly relevant.

  3. AFSister says:

    Well, thank GOODNESS this never happened. I mean, I’d hate to think of what a feller who loves to blow shit up would do with a Howitzer. 😉

  4. BillT says:

    Too bad the incident never occurred. Otherwise there may have been some motive for the investigators to latch onto while they peered into the apparent undocumented relocation of a 105mm howitzer casing (expended) from a firing point at Fort Drum in 1984.

  5. BillT says:

    Ummmm — any reason yer comment box decided to give me a blue doily for a gravatar?

  6. Don’t panic, SugarButtons–it is merely a COMPLETELY HARMLESS quilt pattern and is not a reflection against the, er, implicit qualities of the 27″ zipper. Rlly.

    re: the Howitzer, I prefer the term “relocated”. A pastime with a long and honored tradition. My great-uncle told me his version involving truck-mounted machine guns circa WWI …

  7. Murray says:

    WordPress is “outing’ you?

  8. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Does bring to mind a certain 12pounder that belonged to Greenbrier Military School that may still be sitting in the bottom of a farm pond near Ft. Defiance Va.-Further the despondent sayeth not.

  9. BillT says:

    Could be an attempted “outing” — I see it made you into a sorta bleached-out version of Chef…

  10. pm of nz says:

    “that I have no clear recollection of any such event sir!. To the best of my knowledge no such event ever took place.”

    You were talking about the cannon liberated from the downstairs Sergeants Mess Museum Trophy cabinet in uptown Hobart, weren’t you?

    You know, the one that travelled around the world fleets in the mid 80’s after being liberated and was last seen some years later heading via a kipper ship to be returned. For some reason, it had a brass washer with HMNZS Otago’s name stamped on it on the end of the barrel.

    Like yourself, I know nothing of any such incidents. My memory is not so reliable these days. Maybe too many tots in an earlier life?

    BTW Curators should remember not to be sidetracked by the promise of a tot whilst such trophy cabinets are unlocked…

  11. Murray says:

    Its genetic.

    My father likewise has NO memory as to how the chiefs mess of royalist came to have walnut paneling, a fridge from an American destoyer and carpet from the RY Britannia.

    The Jimmy also declared that he planned on suffering a future memory loss in relation to these non-events.

    The 40 man raft inflated in the captains cabin was a different story though. Turns out EVERYONE remembered how munch one of those is worth when some chiefs have it taken out of their pay.

  12. pm of nz says:

    And no doubt very poor memory recall of non-events such as a lit thunderflash came to be in a cabbage at a post-cocktail party Wardroom do below decks. Was there a call for more coleslaw?

    Or why fire exercises with fully charged hoses occur in the main drag just outside such parties…

  13. Murray says:

    Yeah but the senior service as alwasy ahd a thing about dressing up like girls and doing weird stuff whenever they cross a line on a map anyway.

    Its all very odd to use ground pounders.

  14. pm of nz says:

    Girlz? What girlz? Though, that buxom wench, Neptune’s Queen was always a right looker.

    At least you odd crunchies know your place in the pecking order…

  15. Murray says:

    Yeah, at the front when the shooting starts.

    Someone has to have the balls for F Esch work.

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