Sheepdog Award

And its a biggie. This guy is trying to save the entire planet apparently.

From the Socialist Agenda.

“He’s a man of strong principles, prepared to stand up and be counted for what he believes,”

Yeah we’ve been hanging out for one of those for a while now.

Basil Walker for king!

He’s going head to head with Labour Party over their bllshit attempts to force their Gorebull Warming taxation onto us with hysteria and bugger all science.

This week Mr Walker has revealed the launch of another fight, winning the first step by having the High Court grant him a hearing on September 22 in his case against all elected Members of Parliament of the Labour Party. His beef with them is the apparent lack of scientific evidence supporting the Government’s move to enact the emissions trading scheme.

Where would one send a cape for this crusader?


3 Responses to Sheepdog Award

  1. homepaddock says:

    He’s a southern man – could we make that a Speights?

  2. Murray says:

    Being southern doesn’t make you a speights drinker HP. All my family are from otago and we wouldn’t touch the stuff. At teh 45th reunion of the NZ Scottish they gave us all vouchers for the stuff and even soldiers wouldn’t drink it.

    How bad is that, soldiers would rather pay for beer than drink speights.

    There is also no add that has the words “that man deserves a speights”. If there was it would be having done something really bad.

  3. George says:

    “oh Lord above, send down your doves
    with claws as sharp as razors
    To cut the throats of them there blokes
    that sells bad beer to sailors”

    The only thing notable about Speights is that it is brown, bubbly and it splashes. Then again there is only a temperature difference between that and the aftermath of a night out at the local Bombay Palace.

    The cape you offered to Basil would be better off being used for a ‘blanket muster’ to buy him some decent beer– Emmersons for example.

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