Greens lied, people fried!

New Zealand is about to force more social engineering legislation and reduction of choice on the people of of the nation by forcing us all to use only the light bulbs that they approve of.

I would point out that the having one choice of any paticular item is a characteristic of that well known sociail distaster known as “communisim”. One of those colossal clusterfucks that seem to inhabit the sub pool of concepts labeled “it seemed like a good idea at the time”.

One of the many many problems of those shut up and do what you’re told approch to the market place is that when the product is a lemon its pretty much tough shit.

And when it can kill you then its REALLY tough shit.

Canterbury residents are questioning the safety of energy-saving lightbulbs after they shattered or burnt out in their homes.

Their concerns follow a fire in a Wellington apartment building last Friday that began near a spiral lightbulb.

Remeber kids, vote Green. Stalin would want you to!


One Response to Greens lied, people fried!

  1. krm says:

    Are those the compact flourescent bulbs, that are all made in China and are full of Mercury?

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