Ban it!

I’ve always described the Greens as people who are against everything and but finding out what they are for was a real mission.

Turns out the libz have found it. Its only one thing. One tiny little thing. They want to rule the world and everyone in it. the best youtube slap down ever.

Still not voting for the indecisive party though.


Carry on.


One Response to Ban it!

  1. Richard says:

    Very fun and precises (the youtube vid). It is interesting that Patrick Moore (one of the founders of Greenpeace) was right when he left Greenpeace back in 1985 (?). Said that the far left had taken control of the environmental movement and was imposing a socialistic agenda (i.e. anti-capitalist, anti-american, anti-democracy).
    I have recently argued that the environmental movement is dead as it was hijacked and betrayed by the radical left. The movement did great good in pushing for environmental controls on industry and pollution – think of Britain in the 1960s, dead rivers and overuse of pesticides. The trouble? – the far left hijacked the movement to use it to promote revolution…

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