Some strange new usage for the word good

i wasn’t previously aqauainted with.

Both networks have been telling us with excited voices and some careful explaining on the back of a napkin that the latest poll is “good news” for labour. Interestingly they always spin Labour going up as good and National going up as bad. I’m sure they don’t even notice their own political leanings in their language but there it is. The Herald doesn;t even mention the leftis going down, just what their current numbers are.

I’m just trying to work out what party should be busting out the champers when they’re 11 points down and their oposition didn’t lose any support at all. Where i come from thats a hiding to nothing.

Yeah you heard me, Nation have not lost one single point, everything that Labout gained (2%!!! Whahahahahha weee oh thats terifying) came from their support parties, the Green (Labours eternal bitch) and Untied Future (Worm Boy who hasn;t spkoen anything that made sense since that one debate).

Net result between left and right? NO CHANGE. New Zealanders want a conservative government thank you.


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