Maori were cannibals – deal with it.

Now we are required to deny history so as not offend the sensibilities of the privilaged minority?

A study of Maori cannibalism by historian Paul Moon has prompted a racism complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

Sent anonymously to Dr Moon, the complaint said This Horrid Practice “describes the whole of Maori society as violent and dangerous. This is a clearly racist view claiming a whole ethnic group has these traits”.


7 Responses to Maori were cannibals – deal with it.

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    MMMMMMMMMMM……Long pig, tastes like chicken?

  2. krm says:

    Well, you do know that the plain old objective facts can be racist too, don’t you?

    You wouldn’t want anyone’s feelings hurt by reality.

  3. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Objective facts be damned…pass Lot’s wife!

  4. americano says:

    Who cares? The maori were fucking badass! Yeah, they could be brutal, but thats fucking awesome! Im not even maori and I think thats awesome! They were like the vikings of the pacific, only more brutal! Maoris fucking own!

  5. Murray says:

    Fuck you talk a load of shit.

    Share with us all how you came by this mass of knowledge because for those of us who have actually undertaken a detailed study of the New Zealand Wars its bloody apparent that they got their asses kicked in every single war and the revisionism of James Belich has been so throughly taken apart that even Belich is critical of Belich now.

    Meanwhile my ancestors stopped the Roman empire a thousand years before the first refuge from Taiwan even washed up here.

    Evidently you’re lost, this a gown ups area.

  6. Peter says:

    So what? I do not think it is racist to face a group of people with their past. It is either true or not but why it would be racist? Just because they do not like it?

    There was cannibalism in the Soviet Union in the 1950s and in China in the 1960s (the communist governments failed the central food planning mechanisms and there was no food at all for millions of people for a year) but nobody said it was racism to mention it. Is is history now.

  7. Habrosh says:

    Of Course Maoris where cannibals and brutal torturing savages who capt slaves for food like pigs.They must of deal with there past and not to deny it or tray to change history.They wasn’t neither are angels!!!

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