Some people are just not comfortable with the military.

Particularly liberals. The concept that so many people could put the needs of a group ahead of themselves is so alien to them that they are deeply uncomfortable around military people. And the soldiers know it. One of the worst ever for this was Saint David Lange. It wasn’t jus that he didn’t get us he was clearly aware of much we held him in contempt as well.

He’d never speak to any of us, he’d never even acknowledge the existance of anyone outside his escort. And then he’d spend a lot of time and effort in dissing the military with what can only be described as bold faced lies. He was also the only PM in New Zealands history to attempt miltary action against another sovriegn nation and get told to cram it by the CGS because he wasn;t in the chain of cammond and not authorised to issue direct orders to the military. In the end he just avioded contact outside demanding that senior officers attend upon his presence in his office.

Yeah we didn’t miss him either.

So anyway make what you will of this but personally I don’t think a US President who is happy to repatedly piss on the troops and would rather go the gym than show up and meet the guys is really the man to be given command of the worlds largest military machines.

But thats just me. Nov 4th – Two choices and its not a trick question.


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