Wussle Fairbrother expelled from party!

Wussle (the name all the most full of crap lefties seem to have) Fairbrother has been expelled from the Crapweasel Party for “excessive and extreme crapweaseling” and “crapweaseling above and beyond the digestible limit’.

A spokesweasle for the Crapweasel Party said “Wussle has always been a crapweasel we could look up to with consistantly high crapweaseling, but yesterday he was just over the top. We take this step with regret but we really had no option but to let Wussle go. We wish him well in the future with his crapwaseling but theres really no place for him in the Crapweasel Party with his extreme and over the top crapweaselness. Its just too much.

It was Wussle attempts yesterday to try and protect Wintson Peters that finally brought him down;

Yesterday Labour MP Russell Fairbrother, a member of the committee, suggested Mr Glenn may have confused Winston Peters’ with his youngest brother Wayne in a vital phone call about the donation.

Wayne Peters laughed out loud when told of the suggestion.

As did we all.

Clear out your desk Wussle, no need to wait for November.


2 Responses to Wussle Fairbrother expelled from party!

  1. showmethetaxcut says:

    Did you hear the useless piece of shite on Morning Report – “I was just testing the evidence”.

    The most useless politician to come from Hawkes Bay in living memory. Single handedly turned one of the safest Labour seats into a comfortably held National seat.

    Shame is the useless bastard will be back on the public teat straight over the election collecting legal aid payments.

  2. Murray says:

    Yeah you would think there would be more competition from the bay but hes in a class all by himself.

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