Defining Witchcraft and Magic.

Religion = what the church does.

Magic = what non clerics do that the church may or may not approve of but pretty much ignore unless you do something else that may annoy them.

Witchcraft = what non-clerics do that the church actively disapproves of and may come round to your house and set fire to you for doing.

Proposal: “Witchcraft” and hysteria reulting from “finding” it can and has been used as a political tool to gain.



6 Responses to Defining Witchcraft and Magic.

  1. Lucyna Maria says:

    Hi Murray, will I offend you if I tell you what I really think on this?

  2. Murray says:

    Not if you’re not offended by my using you as a case study of reaction to the concept of witchcraft and magic.

    BTW if i was studying terrorism would you think I was planning to blow uo the Sky tower?

  3. Lucyna Maria says:

    Well, I had a number of books on witchcraft and magic which I threw away a couple of years ago in a spiritual clean out as I used to play around with … not so much magic, but energy, which I was very good at channelling. So I’m not unfamiliar with the subject at all. So, there’s no actual reaction on my part as I was involved.

    I don’t think this is the same as terrorism, as beliefs are very personal and can cut quite deep.

    So, if you are still game, my next comment will be what I actually think on the subject. 🙂

  4. Lucyna Maria says:

    Ok, then. I’m going to take lack of commenting as assent.

    Religion. I came across a good definition of religion a while ago, but can’t remember it. So, off the top of my head, religion is merely belief according to a set of structures or formulae. Therefore, witchcraft is religion.

    Magic exists. It is certainly assessable and has the power to change the world. However, it’s use is dependant on favour from Lucifer, the fallen angel. So, not everyone gets access to magic, unless he decides it’s in his best interests. How he decides this, I don’t know.

    Magic is therefore dangerous. As Lucifer generally wants and requires “hooks” into the soul of the practitioner. These “hooks” can cause physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

    Magic is different from supernatural gifts given by God. Some people have these gifts, but they cannot be acquired or leaned.

    However, your proposal that: “Witchcraft” and hysteria reulting from “finding” it can and has been used as a political tool to gain is correct. When people are afraid, they are alot easier to manipulate and control. Hence there was more hysteria in post reformation, Protestant areas on witchcraft than in Catholic areas. The Protestants needed political control in order to usurp the ancient religion and witchcraft was a handy way of ensuring that end.

  5. George says:

    Here’s my two bob’s worth. ..My first hand observation of the handful of people that got involved in magic and/or witchcraft in its varied forms..

    1/ some miracle or cure or tremendous boost financially or physically occurred at the outset and they went in boots and all or in rapid degrees.

    2/ life became interesting with all the new stuff and the world of ancient mystery opened up. The acceptance without critical thinking phase

    3/ Life became more mundane

    4/ Their life seemed to attract trouble like a laser dot.

    5/ Their health turned to shit with chronic problems being the norm.

    No further comments

  6. Ayjay says:

    According to the Bible, witchcraft is a sin. So however, is gluttony. A lot of christians these days see gluttony as a medical disorder and are more afriad of witchcraft and magic (which are responsible for less heart attacks?). It is no longer politically correct to condemn gluttony or witchcraft. The Bible is seen as out of date and makes a poor political tool among most groups today.

    Witches can still be friends with the God of the Bible if they ask him for forgiveness. Everyone has sinned, so everybody needs to repent for one thing or another. I guess most witches would like a shot at a relationship with an all powerful God, if they believed such a thing was possible.

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