is a fucking idiot.

You’re a fucking actor meathead. Mouth shut when not reading the words from the script thanks. No one cares what you think.


5 Responses to MATT DAMON!

  1. Duhhhh says:

    Hey Murray.

    I’d like to ask you something.

    Have you ever donated a cent of your own money to a charitable cause? Have you ever done anything that might actually benefit other people in less fortunate circumstances than yourself? Maybe you should look up how much money and time people like matt damon give to people in impoverished third world nations, of which over 50,000 odd die per day of preventable causes, as opposed to useless fuckwits like yourself who just sit on your arse and write shitty blogs that nobody reads.

    You’re a fucking moron mate.

    Response: Yes I have. I contributed 8% of my turnover to Soldiers Angels for the two years I was self employed, this is detailed in previous posts. I have produced items at cost for specific fund raising efforts for Soldiers Angles, also detailed in previous posts and at Castle Argghh. My wife and I sponsored a guide dog puppy (Yeves) from 6 weeks old to graduation. I have donated residual amounts in my paypal to Magen David Adom rather than transfer them to my New Zealand account. And I donate my time and expertise to local schools and the museum to help educate and motivate young people. I take about 3 requests each month for assistance with plans and construction tips from students working on physics projects for school. I always give assistance to those who ask politely. I have also produced a free trebuchet plan to help them which least week past 300 downloads. I have designed a ballista plan and its now in testing for the same purpose. I publish the results of my research online so that other people can access it.

    I note that Matt Damon helps these people when he feels like doing without impact on his very comfortable lifestyle and as part of his PR machine. He has the financial capacity to do this. I do not have the financial capacity to do what I do, but I do it anyway. I also don’t jump up and down about like he does, so you are excused for you nappy wetting little tirade of ignorant accusations. I have no doubt that my efforts will not meet with your personal approval, however I don’t give money to help give voice controlled laptops to men and women who have lost the use of their hands to gain your personal approval. I do it in gratitude to them. So pretty much get fucked on that score.

    To you final little waaaa waaa comment, well apparently YOU read it. But again I must excuse you, as clearly you do qualify as “no one”.

    Thanks for stopping by, you can fuck off now, because I think you’ve looked like as much of a fuckwit as anyone can in one comment.


    Might want to watch those IP’s, they’re very revealing.

  2. medusa says:

    Well spoken! I am sick to my back teeth with these so called ‘celebrities’ and their political statements, I nearly threw a cup through my beautiful new monster LCD tv when that skanky slapper Pamela Anderson was slanging Sarah Palin off saying how much she hated her…………. (and she met Palin WHEN??) Palin is more of a REAL woman than that tattooed slut would ever be. 😎

  3. Feeding the third world is like feeding pigeons, they just breed more pigeons that crap on you.

    ‘Celebrities’ will find themselves redundant soon, thanks to CGI. Not a bloody minute too soon.

  4. Murray says:

    MATT DAMON has already been replaced, with wood, paint and string.

  5. medusa says:

    OB….you are so right. An interesting point of note and a question, India has 400 million ‘sacred’ cows, and how many starving, malnourished women and children?

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