Labour party activist “not afailiated with any party”

according to our lame stream media hacks who – for god knows what reason – get paid to print the porgoverment bullshit that they do. Labour have declared they plan to run a dirty smear cmapaign tarketing John Key, they have litterally gone dumpster diving to try and manufacure dirt, they have a history of nasty dirty smear campaigns. So when some dipshit Helen clark wannabe slapper google bombs John Key as “clueless” the aptly named “Labour O’Herald” says nothing to see here move along, because your reporter decided to take the aforementioned slapper Rochelle at her word and it didn’t seem the thing to do to actually “FACT CHECK”. Because a *30 second google search would have exposed Ms Rees as being a long time labour party stooge and at least former if not current member of the young labour exectutive.

Given the very elementary nature of this sort of checking one really has only two choices. Either
Cliff Taylor is grossly incompetant, or he is complicit in attemting to conceal the overt political nature of this attack on the leader of the oposition and its obvious implications of being part of the declared nature of Labours cmapaign to smear John Key. Which is it Cliff? Either way you should be facing disciplinary action.
Hardly “not affiliated” with any party and in fact given the response to that stupid Darth Vadar stunt by the young nats not so long ago one would have expected that the media would eb paintinmg as being part of the labour parties election smear cmapaign. Which it would rather seem to be.

Yes this election is about “trust”, we cannot trust the media, we cannot trust labour, we certainly cannot trust Helen Clark who got elected on smears and a highly inapropriate relationship with the media.

Some have sugested we google bomb Rochelle herself. I say no. I’m taking my Key from John.

I have no interest in this sort of behaviour other than seeing it exposed so I’ll will not be helping to set up a “Rochelle is huge lying assed labour party hack slapper just like her dear leader” google bomb.

I just want to know what Labours policies are and why they have a track record of passing so much anti-democratic legislation which rather looks like a “hidden agenda”. Also I would like to know how we may “trust” people who pass ligislation against the wishes of up to 85% of voters?

I’ll leave the smearing and snearing to those who are good at it. The left. “Hows that working our for ya’ll?” /doctor phil voice

*Rochelle Rees has already aquired the number status on google as being a lair with DPF’s post on the matter being the first hit. The universe is made up of poety.


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