In a shocking revalation Finance Minsiter and failed history teacher Doc Sullen has told parliament that he has the evidence that conclusively indetifys John Key as the “tigger man” in the assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.

“It was the direct result of this action that plunged the world into a war that resulted in millions of deaths and its time that Key acknowldged the part he played and step down from leadership of the National party”, declared Sullen yesterday.

He also alluded to a “Zapurder tape” which he implied revealed some very intersting details of a ‘grassy knoll” and he expected that Key would have some tough questions to answer in the future. Sullen declined to respond to questions on the matter of John Keys involvement in global warming saying he needed to get the NIWA report before he could speak as to its veracity.


5 Responses to BREAKING NEWS!!!

  1. OT: Do you still sell kits to make miniature trebuchets?

    This guy in Australia is looking for one, because his American supplier doesn’t ship internationally any longer.

  2. Murray says:

    Odly enough I actually have a deal with Ron Toms for bulk purchasing his kits. but not actually having a thousand dollars to fling about at the moment I don’t have any stock.

    I can probably supply this guy what he needs so I left him a comment.

  3. Did you leave him an email address?

  4. Murray says:

    Yes, got an email from him a short time ago.

  5. Now he’s posted an update, and linked to you.

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