Heather Slaps Helen.

And does a good job of it. Not often you get to see a private smack down the PM.

“This is a woman who jeered our soldiers leaving for Vietnam and then offered them an apology in Parliament this year without ever once saying ‘sorry’,” Mrs Roy said.

“Then, she claimed she had grown wiser since her student days – yesterday, she proved otherwise and revealed her real view of the many brave past and present New Zealanders who serve their country: that, to her, they are mere pawns to be used for political gain.

I would point out that every man who went to Viet Nam was a volunteer and we had more queing up to join.

Heather also commits the unforgivable sin of mentioning the debt we owe to the United States… of which we never speak.

Helen Clark is a lothsome creature with the most repulsive ethics I have ever witnessed holding the office of Prime Minister. Her corrosive and and cancerous presence cannot be removed soon enough.


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