Helen Clark kills Tinkerbell!

While the rest of us are clapping like loons to save Tinkerbells life there’s the bastard child of the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge, Helen Clark reach for the raid and a fly swatter…

Believing in polls that put National at more than 50% support is like believing in fairies, Prime Minister Helen Clark says.

To sumarize… Shes lost it!


3 Responses to Helen Clark kills Tinkerbell!

  1. krm says:

    She’s setting up a “they stole the election” massive vote fraud allegation for when they lose.

  2. ZenTiger says:

    There was this dwarf that was going to vote for Labour.

    He walked up to me and said “I’m not happy”

    So I said “Well which one are you then?”

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