I wonder if she’s single.

The Witch of the West

Yes, there’s a witch against political Islam and part of the vast Right Wing conspiracy. We don’t just dance around at the equinox.

The Witch
Currently living in dhimmi Canada, home of the smiley-face fascism

Curently being one of Masseys top students on the subject of magic and witchcraft one thing I can tell you with dead certainty is that everything you think you you know about witches is very probably wrong. They are by and large the opposite of hippies for example. Due to some similarites though they are often mistaken for eactother. in much the same way sheepdogs and wolves are often confused for eachother.

Which is one of the reasons that the US military have approved the use of pentacle as a recognised symbol for headstones. They had to.’

Now, does anyone speak French?


2 Responses to I wonder if she’s single.

  1. The Witch says:

    Wow I never thought I’d provoke a post dedicated to me ^^
    About the title, I’d say that when you call yourself a witch it’s highly probable that you are single and have radical ideas.

    Yes the confusion with hippies happens often unfortunately, we can’t all have that huge wart on the nose or carry a bottle full of baboon’s blood.

  2. Murray says:

    It’s a prick of a job finding virgins these days as well.

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