I honestly did not think it was that simple.

Student: I have to vote for Labour because they are giving us a universal student allowence.

Me: No you have to vote for ever you think is the best party for New Zealand. When is this universal allowence coming in anyway?

Student: 2011.

Me: What will you be doing them again?

Student: Working for a tavel agent I hope.

Me: So paying tax?

Student: Yes.

Me: Paying tax for someone else to get a student allowence whose parents have more money than yours?

Student:.. err… yeah. Hang on… but thats more fair though isn’t it?

Me: Whats your gpa?

Student: C.

Me: Whats mine?

Student: A

Me: So wouldn’t it be fair if we both had a B gpa?

Student: Well no, because you earned your grade…

Me: You not planning on earning your pay?

Student: Umm… this is bullshit, I don’t know who to vote for now.

Me: Well thats a start.

The only question is which party should have me registered as an election expense really since free speech isn’t under Labour.


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