The blood on Helens hands?

New Zealand had been sending troops to Afghanistan for nearly seven years and the involvement was longer than New Zealand’s World War 2 campaign.

And now they are targettng the New Zealanders. We have already had a number soldiers wounded and its only a mtter of time before we see those body bags Helens was talking up with her envolope maths not so long ago.

Helen Clark, the person who has more Kiwis into combat zones than any other PM since WWII. And for those of you who are doing the math, yes 7 from 8 means we had troops in Afghanistan in 2001.

No doubt we can look forward to Helen blaming PM John Key when HER chickens come home to roost.

As always the socialists who wont fight themselves are very quick to send other people to do. I direct your attention to the Labour party in WWII.


One Response to The blood on Helens hands?

  1. Paranormal says:

    And the only reason why we have troops there at all is because Hulun opened her big fat gob and mouthed off at how it would all be better if the democrats had won the election.

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