Grunt appreciation day.

November 28, 2008

Take a look at this photo, what do you see?


Now look again and you will make the two perfect V’s cut into the clay. 2000 years ago my predecessors dug this double line of ditches around a small civilian town 100 k’s to the east of the Rhine on the endge of what is now the German town of Waldgirmes.

The Roman town included a forum with stone foundations and a guilded statue of Augustus rather indicating they planned to stick around for a while.

There was a bit of tussle in the trees at a place called Teutoburg  and the intentions were revised. Shame really, if the Romans had stuck around we might have been able to skip that whole two world wars stuff. Who can say.

Meanwhile, thats some nice spade work guys, take a break.

22AD Downunder Shop

November 27, 2008

Ok due to some upgrading, discovering a couple thngs had been disabled/delected and generally creating some new stuff we have now launched a more “local” version of the 22AD Shop.

Things are little spartan at the moment but I’m working on it. The currency is now set to AUD or “Ozbucks” which are slightly more stable the kiwi dollar which is a bit fruity at the moment.

Go forth and shop!

Bombay under attack.

November 27, 2008

Muslim extremists are currently holding hostages in a number of locations in central Bombay and have carried out a number of random attacks including a masacre at the central train station. Hostages were sorted by thier passports with attention being paid to Americans and British subjects.

Terrorists holding hostages demanded to see the head of the anti-terrorist squad to negotiate and then shot him when he arrived.

I would sugest negotiation with these people is not an option. And it never has been.

For those of you too young to remamber we have done this before. Now is not the time for pc soft and cuddly what are their root causes bullshit. Now is the time to plan how best to kill all of them while minimising non-combabtant casualties.

Expect it to get very messy and the blame to be directed at everyone but those who initiated this horrorshow.

Personally I’m just wondering how many fucking wake up calls we’re going to get to sleep though.

So these are the people Obama wants to “sit down” with?

November 26, 2008


Not sure how negotiations are going to go but don’t forget your white flag and cheese platter. Oh yeah you might want to take some security because they evidently have issues with your apostate status.

Hows that “new world order” working out for you?

John Key

November 26, 2008

gets to meet with someone who has more experience with the Commonwealth plarliamentry system than any ten other individuals in the business and who cut her teeth under the guidance of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill. In spite of a constant and frequently openly hostile media attention she has quite simply failed to provide them with any fodder for negative headlines. Unlike every single politician of whom even the most experienced and popular have a shelf life of under a decade.

Consequently a minority group who keep trying to make everyone else do things their way and fuck the majority will want Key to be spectacularly rude to this woman when he meets her.

Thank you dickheads, you have deomstrated nicely why I was happy to swear an oath to this woman and I would cross the road to piss on your “elected” head of state if he was on fire.

Note to readers the New Zealand Republican “Movement” is three assholes who meet in a phone box every other month and tell everyone that Prince Charles has big ears so there.


Show you’re against violence towards women.

November 25, 2008

Don’t fucking hit one you moron!

Wearing a bit of white ribbon isn’t going to do shit and just like Sue Bradfords parental criminalisation law it will change nothing.

The sooner we work out that all holding hands and singing campfire songs change nothing and focused to punishing not cuddling the guilty the better.

And don’t even get me started on the demographics and how the most over represented group in domestic violence are “victims of colonialism” because that bullshit just wont fly.¬† And how much of my money was spent on these cardas and ribbons that are being handed out anyway?

Free Tiny turns 300!

November 25, 2008

The free trebuchet plan I put up less than two months ago had its 300th downlaod yesterday and is #2 on google for free trebuchet plan. To give you an idea I built this schools science trebuchet with a print off of the plan.


Yay success and fame, obviously a popular design. Naturally I put up a link for paypal donations in the event that any of those using the fruits of my labours might feel inclined to show a little monetary gratitude. Being a nice round number we can see that if each person had been moved to donate the comercial value of the plans – about $10 – then I would have actually been on a pretty good wage. If they have felt inclined to part with the cost of a happy meal it would have covered the cost of getting my entire crew to Taupo tournament. And if everyone had found in their hearts to part with just one single dollar I could have built an entire new large machine.

But the current donations wont even pay for ten minutes parking. Nothing, not one single cent. Because we live in a world where everyone is entitled. I prefer to blame socialism for this this sense of entitlement and I wont be taking the free plan away – thus attracting more obscenities and abuse – because that would punish the few who actually apreciate the help and can’t actually afford to give anything. I life in the fiond delusion that one day one of the kinds I spend a lot of time echanging emailos with to help with school projects will grow up to be rich and famours and flick a large wad of cash in thanks.

Whatever, you live in your fantasy, I’ll live in mine.

You can continue to dowload Free Tiny and if you feel inclined to help feed my cat over Christmas you can donate to with this button.

Today is…

November 20, 2008

international bring a Viking Longship Model to Work Day.


I’ll bet the rest of you are all feeling a little silly now aren’t you.

Two new names and titles for you to remember.

November 19, 2008

Prime Minister John Key

Helen Clark – former second woman PM of New Zealand.

Yes i was in Wellington for the departure and yeah, you bet I clapped her depature too.

The problem with being an expert…

November 18, 2008

is that you get to a point where you go to check something technical on line and you keep poping up at the top of the seaches.

Damn. Fine I’ll just go and ask myself then!