Labur campaign funded by the taxpayer – AGAIN

This little document has been sent out out “Graham and Joyce”.


Arriving in mail boxes on the Thursday before and election and on Labour letterhead with this dinky little parliamentry crest which tells us that WE paid for it. The letter claims that “Graham and Joyce” have prepared a kit of information for the over sixties because they have contributed so much to New Zealand. This is an absolute truth. But interestingly for the last nine years you didn’t give the slightest crap about the likes of my father Graham and Joyce. You party didn’t even bother to let him know about his medal entitlement. Your party couldn;t even be arsed getting the veterans pins out to the thousdands of men and women who have served in the numerous conflicts, by far and away the conflicts that the Labour party has chosen to invlove us in. Hell he even had to PAY for a couple of them himself.

Yet 48 hours before an election you suddenly care so much that you have “prepared and information kit” and used their money to tell them about it.

So a couple of questions. Who are Graham and Joyce who chose to include no authorisation statement. What is their conection to Ian Lees-Galloway and his campaign in Palmerston North and most importantly, and I sugest you take this question VERY seriously, can you offer any single compelling reason why I should not proceed with a formal complaint regarding this missue of tax payers money?

The clock is ticking.


2 Responses to Labur campaign funded by the taxpayer – AGAIN

  1. ZenTiger says:

    Such electioneering was deliberately left out of scope from the EFA, other than to ensure MP’s can communicate policy to constituents during an election week.

    They’ve been doing this around the country this month. Shameless.

  2. Pique Oil says:

    Graham is the guy who runs the electorate office for Labour in PN.
    His boss the incumbent MP was too busy looking after his new job when we needed his help. He has a female cohort in the office, so I assume she is Joyce.
    the phone # belongs to the electorate office.

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