And now we all do the the hypocrisy dance.

We’re all being very impressed with the dignity and generosity of the concession speechs of Helen Clark and Winston Peters. We’re paying tribute to their long and illustrious careers in parliament and generally kissing ass because we feel good.

Cept me that is. The legacy of Clark and Peters is that our politcal systems has been dragged down to the lowest possible levels of coruption and dishonesty where he who is the rudest and shousts loudest is regarded as a “skillful debater”. The shameless efforts of Helen Clark to protect Winston Peters – you know the guy who got cenured by parliament, not even McCarthy was actually censured, were the finalo straw for the people of New Zealand and they spoke loud and clear.

I am glad you are gone, you deserve to be gone and I have nothing positive to say about either of you. You did serious damge to our deomcratic system and attempted to subvert it in your lust for power. Far from paying tribute to either of you I call for retiribution and demand the accountabilty that is our right.

Helen Clarks government put our country into a recession 8 months before the global credit crissis. The only reason we were not in a recession eariler was the massive government spending financed by taxpayers.

We are hurting already and we are going to hurt a lot more before it gets better, This is your legacy and you should be held to account for it. I don’t expect that to happen but having you gone is a good start. the only good thing you’ve done for this country is give us the Christmas present of your resignation.

You will not be missed.

You true legacy is the phrase “as bad as Muldoon, not has bad as Clark.


3 Responses to And now we all do the the hypocrisy dance.

  1. And in another piece of good news, Indonesia executed the Bali bombers.

  2. barnsleybill says:

    I agree Murray, the pleasantries being offered to these two wankers really gives me the shits.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Steven, Did you notice that the Oz government issues a call for a world moratorium on capatal punishment after the executions-odd timing what?

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