If you’re that worried about your benefit payments…


It is however a testement to labour party scaremongering that people simply assume the evil right wing overlords will now just randomly stop benefits. I had one girl who is actually at unveristy tell me she had to vote for Labour because National would stop her DPB. I asked her where this completely fucking stupid asertion came from. Her lecturer told that class this. I will not mention what subject but be assured that lecturer was getting assignments back that were actually moving in a different direction than the one she intended by the time I’d finished helping a few people with their research.

Now in case you didn’t get the memo socialist social engineering drones, WORST arse kicking ever! Stop trying to subvert democracy, you’ve already failed.

Now i have to get to a meeting, we’re deciding who needs to go to the camps at Tekapo for reeducation… I may have said too much.


4 Responses to If you’re that worried about your benefit payments…

  1. pmofnz says:

    Tekapo? I thought the comment I saw elsewhere this morning about using POW Camps on the Desert Road near Wiberia would be just as effective. Closer to the problem sources and the environment is of a similar HTFU quality.

  2. Murray says:

    feh the desert road is vurtually downtown Auckland compared to Tekapo.

    You navy types might think Irirangi was the arsehole end of the world but the army knows who to start at the bottom and work down when it comes to looking for place to live.

  3. dave t says:

    Burnham! Send them to Burnham! After all it was a punishment posting for the Queen’s Own Higlanders in 1981 when we were dragged kicking and screaming from luxury in Hong Kong and sent to Burnham for six weeks! And we still haven’t found Private Maclean 01 (roumered to be working for the Prison Service in NZ now…) who was last seen with his SNP badge on the raodside thuming a lift to Dundein …..

  4. Murray says:

    And 4 years later it was the Gordons. Those bastards were mad. One got bored and leaened forward in the back of the apc and said to the guy in the oposite corner “your wifes a lousy fook”.

    Drove up a bank and dropped the ramp and this ball of boots fists and teeth rolled out the back still kicking punching and swearing. Apparently for these guys “good morning” is a mortal insult.

    Its no wonder the entire unit was RTU’d from Sinagapore.

    And Burnham is luxury compared to Balmoral Camp. Which initself is luxury compared to the charms of the treelss plateau in a blizzrd.

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