These people are not Marines.

Four men broke into a home, bound the husband, raped his wife and killed them both before taking a few things then setting alight to the house in an effort to hide the evidence.

All four say the other three raped the wife. These useless sacks of human waste can’t even take responsibility for their own actions. Two of them were subordinates of the husband. That’s right, they murdered a fellow Marine and gang raped his wife. Why? Because the couple were mixed race.

These specimens are clearly garbage. Dishonourably discharge them, tie them to posts and smash their fucking chests open with volley fire. There will be no shortage of volunteers and no requirement of a blank round I suspect. Take away all their decorations, awards and benefits, give nothing to their relatives but a bill for the bullets and their toss their bodies out with the rest of the garbage. You take care of your own and now’s the time to do it.

The fact that all four are black is irrelevant and you hand’t even thought there were till now did you. It also doesn’t make it a “burglary gone wrong” as the MSM would like to play it.

Thanks to La Shawn Barber for telling it like is.


3 Responses to These people are not Marines.

  1. The article talks about how three of them fingered one who did the shooting. It doesn’t matter; under California law all four of them are going to be charged with murder.

    Given that we have confessions, I suspect we’ll have four new residents on death row soon. (California still has the death penalty.)

  2. Murray says:

    I read it that they ALL claimed the other three had raped her Steven.

    At this stage we’re really just arguing over HOW dead they should be made. Kill them a lot or just enough, whatever.

  3. ZenTiger says:

    I’d favour shipping them to Afghanistan, and clearing land mines around villages for the rest of their lives, however short that might be.

    After the dishonorable discharge.

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