John Key

gets to meet with someone who has more experience with the Commonwealth plarliamentry system than any ten other individuals in the business and who cut her teeth under the guidance of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill. In spite of a constant and frequently openly hostile media attention she has quite simply failed to provide them with any fodder for negative headlines. Unlike every single politician of whom even the most experienced and popular have a shelf life of under a decade.

Consequently a minority group who keep trying to make everyone else do things their way and fuck the majority will want Key to be spectacularly rude to this woman when he meets her.

Thank you dickheads, you have deomstrated nicely why I was happy to swear an oath to this woman and I would cross the road to piss on your “elected” head of state if he was on fire.

Note to readers the New Zealand Republican “Movement” is three assholes who meet in a phone box every other month and tell everyone that Prince Charles has big ears so there.


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