Bombay under attack.

Muslim extremists are currently holding hostages in a number of locations in central Bombay and have carried out a number of random attacks including a masacre at the central train station. Hostages were sorted by thier passports with attention being paid to Americans and British subjects.

Terrorists holding hostages demanded to see the head of the anti-terrorist squad to negotiate and then shot him when he arrived.

I would sugest negotiation with these people is not an option. And it never has been.

For those of you too young to remamber we have done this before. Now is not the time for pc soft and cuddly what are their root causes bullshit. Now is the time to plan how best to kill all of them while minimising non-combabtant casualties.

Expect it to get very messy and the blame to be directed at everyone but those who initiated this horrorshow.

Personally I’m just wondering how many fucking wake up calls we’re going to get to sleep though.

2 Responses to Bombay under attack.

  1. Counting down until someone blames it on George Bush: 6, 5, 4, 3…

  2. ZenTiger says:

    Lucky the President-elect has offered words of comfort to India. I’m sure he has a lot more words to offer if things get worse too.

    And when he’s President, the first thing he’ll do is confirm he meant every word, and will offer them up again, in a presidential manner befitting the situation.

    Well, it’s a change, isn’t it?

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