Special Constable Peter Lightfoot

Possibly not a good name considering the cunt is 20 stone, thats him in the red circle. Shame its not crosshairs.

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Somebody put this fat useless lying sack of shit into a some desert cam and ship him off to Afghanistan for a tour that will make him beg for a night walking the beat in darkest Wigan.

You’re a thug and disgrace to the uniform Peter. I hope someone takes the time to smack the living shit out of you as you throughly deserve.

The two sacks of shit that who coluded with you to commit perjery and assault are also welcome to go play in the sandbox for a spell.



2 Responses to Special Constable Peter Lightfoot

  1. Miss shizle says:

    I went to school with Peter lightfoot, all I can say is what goes around comes around. He was violent and aggressive then, some things never change. Don’t drop the soap pete!

  2. BOOTHY says:

    Too fucking right. Aparantly the other two tax funded arsewipes were cleared!! of any wrong doing. Hopefully, Fatboy, you’ll have to share a cell with 2 sex starved black homos, then sent to Afghanistan dressed as a Jew. xx

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