Linda Ferrara could use a hand.

Linda Ferraras son Mathew was killed in Afghanistan a littler over a year ago and since then she wanted to do something for those still fighting. She collected hundreds of socks, sweatshirts and particularly hand made blankets, some she made herself, all of which were due to be shipped to patients at Landstuhl army hospital in Germany on Friday.

But, over the weekend, someone broke into her family’s mobile home, which was parked outside their Bay Cities Italian Bakery on a dead-end street in Compton.

Most of the items were taken and some of the letters of thanks to soldiers that had been included with the gifts were torn up.

Her insurance company has told her not to expect help. Because she planned to give the items away, they technically didn’t belong to her and aren’t covered by her policy.

Linda is obviously more than a little brought down by this and she could use some help. If you want to help out you can contact Linda at this email address.

Matthew was the first New Zealander killed in Afghanistan.


2 Responses to Linda Ferrara could use a hand.

  1. Some people really have black hearts. I bet they broke in specifically to get the socks/blankets/what-all and I bet they threw them away.

  2. MaryAnn says:

    Thank you for your support, Murray.

    This is MaryAnn with Soldiers’ Angels at Landstuhl. Linda was planning to send the items to me for distribution to the patients here. We met after I posted a video covering the medevac/recovery mission after the ambush in which Matt was killed.

    Although we were both initially very upset about this, we believed something good would come of it. And it has – the outpouring of support has been tremendous, and the Ferrara’s insurance company has since decided to honor their claim for the theft.

    Thanks again and best regards from Germany,

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