Prisoner Number 08112008

Michael AKA “Slimy Weasel” Cullen, for having deliberately concealled a massive financial shortfall of in excess of two and a half billion dollars in violation of the Fiscal Responsibility Act 1994, using other peoples money to purchase over an priced failed business, general pissing away of other peoples money, extreme smugness and sneering in a public place and indeed because because basically we just really don’t like you, are hereby sentaced to a period of incarceration for a period of not less than thirty years. Your name is also being offically changed to “Pretty Boy” for the duration of this sentence so they you may experience for yourself the same sensation that you inflicted on the people of this nation. And may God have mercy on your soul!


The infamous “Doc Sullen”, number two man of the despised “hole in the wallet” gang is taken into custody.

Oh wait, you’re a socialist so you don’t believe in God and no soul anyway so… burn in hell you obnoxious little bastard.


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