My only question is…

why do some elements withing the conservative bolgging community continue to have a hard on for fostering our very own Bananna Mugabe?

One News reported that its Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver had been taken into custody at Nadi airport last night, as she flew into Fiji.

This man is a dictator who took power at the point of a rifle. ANY possible excuse for his coups ended when he continued to hold power for himself and not hand the country back to its people in the form of a democratic election. There can be absolutly no possibility of allowing this maniac to dictate to us. It is time to get our citizens out or let them know they are on their own if they choose to remain. Fiji is a military dictatorship and as Trueman said, “its out there”.


4 Responses to My only question is…

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    With Helen’s regeime you may have forgotten, there are these handy fellows called marines, ride around in boxy boats and helicopters…

  2. ZenTiger says:

    Yes, he seized power. From a bunch of corrupt fools. Perhaps not the best of excuses, especially here in New Zealand, but I can empathize…

  3. ZenTiger says:

    If we went and shot Mugabe, it might send a stern warning that we will not tolerate such behaviour.

    I think I said that 5 years ago. It obviously scared the shit out of Mugabe, he’s only killed half as many people as he intended.

  4. Murray says:

    I don’t give the slightest SHIT who he took power from. He fucking KEPT it for himself. Any slight hint of moral authority for a soldier circumventing the democratic process ends the moment he keeps power for himself.

    A soldier is a servant of the people, not the other way around. There is no rooom for discussion on this matter.

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